Calculating the Cost of Downtime

Technology and equipment emergencies in the world of MRIs can lead to big headaches.  Any type of breakdown can have far-reaching effects for imaging centers.  Expanding on our recent blog post on Responsiveness is Key to Reducing Mobile MRI Downtime, here we take a look at five detrimental consequences of a lack of responsiveness to equipment and trailer maintenance and repair.

5 Consequences of Poor Responsiveness

  • Anxiety Rises, Satisfaction Drops – Delays in scheduled appointments can cause anxiety for both patients and staff. When equipment and trailer repairs are not completed in a timely manner, satisfaction scores will surely suffer.
  • Time is Money – Aside from the projected loss of revenue or reimbursements due to lost scans and rescheduling, your imaging center continues to bear the cost of idle staff. Downtime can also have a long-term effect on revenue as patients may choose to find an alternate provider for future scans, damaging your reputation and long-term profitability.
  • An Ounce of Prevention – Periodic inspections and regular maintenance can help identify a potential problem before it gets bad enough to effect imaging quality, allowing for timely scheduling of repairs around times of lower patient activity. The longer you wait to fix your equipment and trailer, there is also potential for negative long- term effects on performance.
  • Domino Effect – One down event can have a wide-spread effect on scheduling. Not only does equipment and trailer repair affect the patients scheduled during the repair time slots but it also causes additional scheduling headaches trying to insert patients back into the normal flow of the schedule.
  • Lost Referrals – Consistent downtime without an appropriate, timely response can cause referring physicians to question the reliability of the equipment, causing them to explore alternative options.

In the world of MRI, one thing is certain; emergencies will arise.  It is vital to first identify and understand your provider’s reliability and responsiveness during equipment or trailer malfunctions.  Any issue in responsiveness can have both short-term and long-term effects on patient and staff satisfaction and, ultimately, your bottom line.

At KMG, we understand that responsiveness is key to top-notch service. Contact Eric Evans, our Director of  Imaging Solutons today if you’re contemplating switching to a more responsive Mobile MRI Provider.