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It is the mission of healthcare providers to ensure the health and well-being of patients, not only by providing excellent clinical and service quality, but offering compassionate care in a comfortable treatment setting. Many healthcare providers today have adopted the WELL® Building Standard, a model of set standards used by design and construction industries to […]

Imagine a better future.  For your patients and your facility. When Taylor Regional Hospital in rural Georgia needed advanced equipment to keep up with advanced growth, KMG was there. Patients count on medical imaging to guide their course of treatment. At KMG, we do the same for your facility. Our conversations with you help us […]

5 Questions to Evaluate Your Medical Imaging Provider Glitch, malfunction, breakdown. Whatever you call it, technology and equipment emergencies in the world of MRIs can lead to big headaches. We know you want to provide the best care possible for your patients, and while many Mobile MRI providers abide by stringent quality and maintenance standards, emergencies do […]

Just as a commercial airplane is designed to keep flying, it is vital to capitalize on MRI equipment usage to maximize its efficiency.  When a plane does get grounded, for whatever reason, the loss can be enormous.  The same holds true for MRI equipment. With any high-cost equipment, every minute counts and an empty table […]