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It is the mission of healthcare providers to ensure the health and well-being of patients, not only by providing excellent clinical and service quality, but offering compassionate care in a comfortable treatment setting. Many healthcare providers today have adopted the WELL® Building Standard, a model of set standards used by design and construction industries to […]

Upgrading a major piece of imaging equipment such as an MRI, CT or PET/CT is an investment that can improve operations, maximize profitability and increase patient and physician satisfaction. Yet any upgrade project is a challenge, rife with potential pitfalls. A well-executed imaging equipment upgrade can save time, reduce costs, and significantly minimize disruption in […]

Design Your MRI Suite to Reduce Anxiety MRI scans are becoming commonplace in today’s world, but complications due to patients’ anxiety, claustrophobia, and stress can throw barriers in the way of their treatment. Some research has found that over 30 percent of patients undergoing MRIs experience anxiety, which can have a significant impact on both […]

There’s something about a blue sky that makes us all walk a little lighter. Now, we don’t suggest that imaging suites blast E.L.O.’s “Mr. Blue Sky” in the scan room, but exposure to a sunny sky and other types of nature imagery has been shown to alleviate anxiety and provide a positive, calming distraction from […]

The Growing Future of MRI The global healthcare industry is shifting its demand toward noninvasive diagnostic procedures and techniques, part of a continuous effort to detect and cure illness earlier and more quickly while minimizing risk to the patient. MRI systems and other medical imaging technology continue to adapt, becoming more available worldwide (in both […]