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Calculating the Cost of Downtime Technology and equipment emergencies in the world of MRIs can lead to big headaches.  Any type of breakdown can have far-reaching effects for imaging centers.  Expanding on our recent blog post on Responsiveness is Key to Reducing Mobile MRI Downtime, here we take a look at five detrimental consequences of […]

5 Questions to Evaluate Your Medical Imaging Provider Glitch, malfunction, breakdown. Whatever you call it, technology and equipment emergencies in the world of MRIs can lead to big headaches. We know you want to provide the best care possible for your patients, and while many Mobile MRI providers abide by stringent quality and maintenance standards, emergencies do […]

Just as a commercial airplane is designed to keep flying, it is vital to capitalize on MRI equipment usage to maximize its efficiency.  When a plane does get grounded, for whatever reason, the loss can be enormous.  The same holds true for MRI equipment. With any high-cost equipment, every minute counts and an empty table […]

Determining which MRI equipment is the best choice for your imaging center can be a complex undertaking.  Advances in MRI technology have drastically improved imaging quality, speed and safety.  But is faster MRI better, and at what cost? 3T MRIs typically cost twice as much as 1.5T equipment, but there are many other factors besides […]

Design Your MRI Suite to Reduce Anxiety MRI scans are becoming commonplace in today’s world, but complications due to patients’ anxiety, claustrophobia, and stress can throw barriers in the way of their treatment. Some research has found that over 30 percent of patients undergoing MRIs experience anxiety, which can have a significant impact on both […]

In pediatric health care, most children going in for extensive imaging procedures must be sedated—an experience that can make the situation even more difficult for both children and parents. Instead of relying on anesthesia to calm young patients, some providers are focusing on using the imaging suites themselves to put children at ease. Comfort, fun, […]