There’s something about a blue sky that makes us all walk a little lighter. Now, we don’t suggest that imaging suites blast E.L.O.’s “Mr. Blue Sky” in the scan room, but exposure to a sunny sky and other types of nature imagery has been shown to alleviate anxiety and provide a positive, calming distraction from otherwise stressful or harsh medical environments.

At KMG, we encourage our customers to embrace natural lighting whenever possible in MRI suites. Below is a suite we designed, which demonstrates how a large skylight above the MRI can transform a scan room into a beautiful and peaceful environment. The skylight is also large enough to double as a miraculously easy rigging access point for future unit upgrades.


If your imaging suite is not at the top floor of your facility, that’s not the last word in patient comfort. The photo below shows our most recent Toshiba Titan MRI suite with a light fixture that simulates a skylight (designed specifically for the MRI environment). Even simulated natural daylight like this “skylight” helps put patients at ease, a welcome addition to help calm the patient and provide a feeling of openness rather than a constricted bore.

Skylight - FCHC

Several companies exist specifically to manufacture this type of artificial portal to the natural world. Manufacturers like Sky Factory and MPS specialize in this unique means of transforming an intimidating and confining procedure into a relaxing and even freeing experience.

Could this be the finishing touch that your imaging suite needs? At KMG, we’d  be happy to work a skylight (natural or simulated) into the plan as we discuss the perfect solution for your unique facility. Let’s start a conversation.  Contact David Sweitzer today.

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David Sweitzer

Our Director of Operations, David Sweitzer has been with KMG since 1998. As a licensed architect David has spent the last 25 years in healthcare facility design and project management, a skill set that makes him uniquely qualified to lead the planning design and construction of medical imaging suites and the installation of medical equipment. David also manages the service and repair of our imaging equipment, is responsible for procurement of new and used equipment, and he manages our expanding mobile imaging business.

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