Imagine a better future.  For your patients and your facility.

When Taylor Regional Hospital in rural Georgia needed advanced equipment to keep up with advanced growth, KMG was there. Patients count on medical imaging to guide their course of treatment. At KMG, we do the same for your facility. Our conversations with you help us scan for ways we can help you grow, efficiently and affordably.

The Challenge

“MRI was the next modality, and it was out of reach.”

~ Debra Ross Maddock, Director of Medical Imaging, Taylor Regional Hospital, Hawkinsville, Georgia

Taylor Regional Hospital had been offering a suite of medical imaging services and needed to add MRI when they recruited new physicians and opened an Outpatient and Surgical Center. At the time, MRI equipment was beyond the facility’s means – financially and logistically.

The Solution

“I was skeptical about contracted mobile services, but KMG met and surpassed all of our expectations.”

KMG has mobile MRI solutions that will definitely surpass your expectations, as well as those of your patients. We get it. We know how critical throughput is to ROI, patient and referring physician satisfaction. That’s why our MRI solutions offer the flexibility, convenience and excellence that’s not just a want-to-have, it’s a must-have to be competitive.

The Outcome

“KMG gave us the chance to give our patients a better chance, by offering a comfortable and convenient experience… KMG has always been willing to upgrade equipment when needed and even replaced the magnet to a higher quality when it became available.”

Taylor Regional Hospital had such great success with the mobile MRI KMG provided, they decided to upgrade to a modular MRI solution. KMG is committed to healthy relationships. If you need a partner in medical  imaging that will listen, understand and provide efficient, effective action, call on KMG.

At KMG, we believe it our responsibility as your partner to help run a successful imaging facility. Contact Eric Evans, our National Sales Executive today if you have questions about upgrading your imaging equipment.

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