It’s been called the ultimate job interview — a week-long battery of medical and skills testing for the top college football players eligible for the upcoming NFL Draft.  The annual NFL Combine, which wrapped up on Sunday (February 28, 2016) at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, has long been one of the key ways teams evaluate talent before making crucial player draft decisions.  KMG was thrilled to take part in the Combine this year as one of three partners providing equipment for MRI testing for players.

NFL Moving In


DelMed transported our mobile Espree MRI into the underground staging area beneath Lucas Oil Stadium.

During the Combine, 300 talented players run through a gamut of events, including a variety of psychological and physical tests, and interviews with top execs, coaches and scouts from all 32 NFL teams.  Teams understandably don’t want any surprises when drafting a player, so when there is a question of health or concerns about previous injuries, an MRI is an NFL scout’s best friend.

NFL Under the Dome

For several years, the NFL Combine has employed the resources of MRI technology to fully evaluate players.  Four mobile MRI units offering high-quality imaging are set up onsite in an underground area of the stadium – a huge time saver for players during the hectic Combine schedule.

KMG is proud to have been asked by Indiana University to take part in the NFL Combine this year.  An MRI can often cause anxiety, claustrophobia or stress under ordinary circumstances.   These players all have dreams of playing in the NFL and are trying to prove themselves at the Combine so the MRI test can be a stressful exercise for them.  Our mobile Siemens Espree unit has a 550lb weight limit and a 72cm bore, which is wider than most mobile MRIs. This creates a more open and relaxing atmosphere — perfect for scanning future NFL linebackers!

Our Interim Mobile MRIs are ideal for uses like the Combine, when MRI technology is needed for a short term.  These mobile trailers are fully functioning MRI suites that provide unparalleled flexibility and are extremely cost effective. We essentially drove the mobile MRI into the basement of Lucas Oil Stadium and were able to hook up directly to Indiana University Health hospital several blocks away.  The Combine is a clear example of how accommodating mobile MRI technology can be today.

Want more information on renting our mobile MRI?  Give David Sweitzer a call.

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