Determining the Right Equipment
for the Job

Deciding what equipment is best for your facility can be a tough job. AT KMG, we believe it is our responsibility as your partner to help assess your needs, determine what equipment is the best fit for your unique situation and ensure you get that equipment in a timely, and cost-effective, manner. To help us with this difficult and important decision, we refer to the analysis results from our proprietary KMG Radiology Benchmark Program and the findings from the Conversation phase of our 3Cs Process.

From here, we sit with you and discuss your options, keeping in mind the best solutions that will best support your clients’ needs and your operational workflow. We then move to the Creation phase where we develop your plan to include equipment recommendations, sourcing and financing options. After the plan is agreed upon and the equipment is delivered, we install the system and run applications testing and protocols — ensuring stringent quality and performance standards before your patients even set foot into your department.