Imaging. Right where you us, when you need us.

In many cases, the idea of an installed MRI or CT suite either takes too long, takes too much money, or takes up too much space.  In either case, KMG can outfit your facility with a Mobile MRI or a Mobile CT. This flexible option gives your facility the ability to offer imaging services on a permanent or temporary basis. Whether you choose the long-term option of the Stationary Mobile Unit or the flexibility of the Short Term Mobile Unit, you will still receive the full support from the KMG team including equipment, equipment service, imaging technologists and marketing.

Comfortable Care. Affordable Options.


In many cases, challenging budgets or facility limitations do not allow you to build a new imaging suite. For cases like this, a Stationary Mobile MRI is an ideal solution. These robust, specially-designed semi trailers are easy to install and are extremely comfortable — so much so that most patients don’t even know they are in a trailer. The process is simple. And we handle it all — from the pouring of the concrete pad to the construction of the walkways, walls and canopies.

Beautifully appointed. Inside and Out.

These imaging centers on wheels are fully functioning MRI and CT suites that provide unparalleled flexibility and cost effectiveness.  Extraordinary patient experience, without the extraordinary cost.