People Are Talking

Over the past 30 years, we’ve helped a lot of health care systems, critical access hospitals and physician groups provide better healthcare to the communities in which they serve. A few have even taken the time to send us a note to express their gratitude. While we are eternally grateful for their kind words, it truly was our honor and privilege to be part of these tremendous successes.

KMG has been our valued partner since 1998. Based on the success of our first agreement, we contracted with KMG in 2006 to improve outpatient services, and requested their counsel as we planned a new cancer center.

AMC offered surgery, wellness & screening, and chemotherapy but needed in-house radiation therapy because we were sending RT patients forty miles away for treatment. KMG’s RT agreement allowed us to implement this new service, while preserving our capital.

KMG provided excellent advice on equipment features and benefits, vendor supplier selections, and consulted with our architectural and engineering contractors. In addition to providing RT staff, KMG’s personnel supplied key data points at the state CON hearing.

A dramatic cancer center introduction was needed and we again turned to KMG. The strategic messaging and advertising, creative work for radio, cable TV, newspaper and billboards used to introduce the cancer center was created and produced by KMG’s Marketing & Media Services department. KMG also provided salespeople who visited physician offices in our community and surrounding markets to promote our new service.”

David A. Neuendorf, President/CEO, Audrain Medical Center, Mexico MO

Since 1997, KMG’s Business Development personnel have helped increase our year to year outpatient revenue through consistent sales efforts to the physicians in our market. We have fierce competition from several free-standing imaging centers, and KMG’s Business Development Specialists were able to increase our revenue in spite of these centers.

We recently had KMG’s Market Research validate an aggressive radiology growth strategy — adding new, comprehensive imaging services in McDonough GA, twenty minutes south of Stockbridge. The business objectives were:

  • Improve physician and patient access, south of Henry Medical Center’s main campus.
  • Increase market share in McDonough, while maintaining growth at Stockbridge.

KMG had helped increase our radiology business to near capacity, yet it was their extensive imaging center management and operations experience that incented us to also have KMG manage the Outpatient Diagnostic Center in McDonough. We wanted zero hospital-type barriers to success, and the center to operate like many entrepreneurial free-standing imaging centers. With KMG it looks, feels, operates and responds like a free-standing imaging center.

KMG is a valued Henry Medical Center team member. They have helped us succeed in two major ways — revenue growth, and enhanced patient and physician relationships.”

Jeff Cooper, COO, Henry Medical Center, Stockbridge GA

Our relationship with KMG began over ten years ago and it just keeps getting better.

KMG’s first task for Mercy Tiffin was a project for their Market Research team. We needed to know if additional services in our Radiology Department would be supported by our physicians. KMG interviewed many of our physicians and determined we could capture additional market share and increase revenues with improved services.

By partnering with KMG, we were able to implement a plan which included new equipment along with KMG’s personnel to manage the service. This allowed us to preserve our cash and improve our service to physicians and patients.

KMG’s market research and capital have been important, but of equal importance has been the work of KMG’s Business Development team. They made numerous office visits to our primary and secondary markets. These office visits combined with educational marketing materials convinced dozens of physicians to utilize Mercy Tiffin Hospital’s diagnostic services.

A more recent goal at Mercy Tiffin Hospital is to improve women’s care in our region. KMG’s experience and radiology relationships led us to introduce Breast MRI. We can now give assurance to our physicians and patients that with Breast MRI we can locate cancer cells far more effectively and when combined with early detection, we can help save patients’ lives.

KMG’s programs have enhanced revenue growth for Mercy Tiffin Hospital. We also value our relationship with KMG, it is based upon the highest ethical standards. KMG’s people, in our hospital and those that meet with our physicians support our values. All of these attributes make us proud of our KMG partnership.”

Dale Thornton, President/CEO, Mercy Tiffin Hospital, Tiffin OH

KMG is so much more than just a good group to work with, they are a vital member of our management team. They manage our radiology business in the hospital and at our Outpatient Diagnostic Center, which is a joint venture KMG helped us create. Their role is significant in our goal to improve service to our physicians and improve care to each patient.

Sampson Regional Medical Center refers many patients to our region’s major medical center hospitals. Yet for radiology services, there are no reasons the patient cannot have the service here, much closer to home. Consequently, we have to demonstrate our capabilities and earn back those referrals. The KMG team, with their specific management, operations and marketing talents help us to retain radiology market share.

They have helped our physicians install a PACS to interface with our HIS and to connect to our remote off-site practices. It is essential to maintain open communications in developing ongoing relationships with our physicians. KMG’s Business Development Representatives assist us in maintaining a partnership with our referring physicians, both in our local market and beyond.

KMG’s Business Development Representatives have introduced new technology to our primary and secondary markets, yielding positive volume increases. Still, we are most proud of our physician satisfaction survey results. The summation of several measurements is “overall satisfaction,” and among our “key users” the Radiology Department scores have increased, (on a 1-5 scale) from 3.80 in 2008, to 4.65 in 2010. We credit KMG with this success.

Sampson Regional Medical Center continues to improve through the help of KMG’s on-site management operations team’s expertise and professional marketing programs.”

Dale David Masterson, CEO, Sampson Regional Medical Center, Clinton NC